Capricorn from The Compleat Astrologer Photo by moi

This is the new moon of my sun sign.
As a Capricorn, i can tell you that there is no better energy to set your new year dreams and desires in.
Capricorn is a hustler — almost to their own determent. We will keep digging until we find the source, until the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, and until we reach whatever heights we desire. Even if that means death.
Our journey is eloquently captured in the mountainĀ goat’s steep climb upward. We win with our determination (and sometimes stubbornness) to not let anything — including our fears — stop us from ascending.
The spirit of the mountain goat is the synergy you need to bring your dreams and new years wishes in. Dream big. Plan hard. And align your actions accordingly.
We need to root our dreams now. Because these next four years will not be easy. There will be darkness that will try to seepĀ into the cracks our of dreams. Seal them up by centering them in the spirit of now.
Harness the energy and store some up in your reserves because we’re going to need a lot of ganas (guts, chutzpah) for our dreams (and ourselves) to survive.
We arm for battle now. We steel ourselves and our dreamsĀ now.Ā 
We protect our magic.
And prepare for the years ahead rooted in love and liberty.
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New moon + new year blessings,






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