Saturn Enters Aquarius 

At 11:04 pm CST, Saturn moves into Aquarius.

The dawning of the Age of Aquarius…that song from the musical Hair was my first introduction to astrology and Astro talk. It was also the first (but not the last) time i ever felt jealous of another sign.

My young Capricorn sun whined, “Why did Aquarius have all the fun?” “Why did the sign after me get all the glory?” As a kid, no one wants to be a Capricornrigid, structured, conservative, boundary and time driven. Especially a kid with an ascendant and moon in Leo (that epiphany would come many moons and Astro talks later.)

There were so many other signs i wanted to be, Aquarius being one of them only if because they had their very own groovy song. 

Today my ruling planet, which has been snuggled into its own sign causing deep structural dismantling, moves into the promise of Aquarius—the sign (and song) that began my love affair with the archetypes and energies of the skyy. 

Even though it moves today, i have felt this shift roaring in my bones for quite some time. Perhaps this happens when one’s ruling planet shifts out of one’s own sign. We feel it more deeply because we are it. 

i have felt this shift from within my desire to move away from a highly structured and planned out life and into a life more fluid and overflowing with love, ease, offering, and receiving. i’ve felt the shift readying me for the great grand conjunction and change that is coming when Saturn conjuncts Jupiter—a planet many astrologers would call my better, more benefic half. 

And the truth is, we’ve all felt this shift. Our perfectly planned out lives have been danger zones full of exploding mines of what we collectively feel and call the shit storm of 2020. 

But the beauty about Saturn (and Capricorn) is that it teaches us that we still have time.

More than we know.

Less than we believe.

And this shift into Aquarius asks us to wrap and view time within a new lens: one that places us front and center into the building, architecting, creating, and manifesting our new world. The one that we’ve been taking to the streets, marching to the voting booth, the same one our ancestors fought and died for so long ago.

In Capricorn, we’ve burned everything to the ground.

In Aquarius, we now ask what will we build in its place? 


As Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in Aquarius on Dec. 21st, we ask what roles do my life (time = Saturn) and privilege (abundance = Jupiter) have in building and rooting change in the collective new world (Aquarius)? 

Personally, i’ve been buried deep in creation mode, crafting a free mini-toolkit (video, article, podcast, action-list) to help us channel the 20-year energy of the great conjunction and harnessing it into our power, planning, dreaming, and visioning for the new year—and our new world. That will be dropping tomorrow. Be on the lookout for everything right here. 

Until then here a few things you can do to help usher in and welcome this shift.

Find where your natal Saturn is (what house & sign Saturn sits in your birth chart) and see what dawning this Saturn (and soon Jupiter) age of Aquarius shines in. This is the area of your life that will be illuminated these next 2+ years. 

After a year of what has been a dismantling of life as we know it, now is the time to Let the sun shine in and watch what we have seeded in the breakdown, grow. 

What structures, normalcy, boundaries, absolutes, or towers have fallen in your life? 

What are you visioning in the roots of you to take its place?

Build it. 

Let your inner sun shine within so that you may beam it out and into your new vision for our world. 

Our ancestors are waiting. It’s time we show the fuck up. ✊🏾✊🏾

Mucho mas,