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38 birthday wishes, reflections, and extreme gratitude.

  Life is so beautifully overwhelming.   Thank you from the edges and center of my being for a magical and memorable year.   On the precipice of turning 38 and what has now become an annual ritual (it’s going into THREE YEARS . . . WHA?!?!? Where does the fucking time go?), here’s my look back in gratitude and… Read more →

June 26, 2015: Because of today, love will always win.

  i woke up this morning and told myself today was going to be a million dollar day.   Turns out today would be worth so much more.   i came out when i was 16 at a time when i wasn’t even really sure what that meant.    i came out to my parents the night of the 2004 George W.… Read more →

Reflections on a 20 year Wonderland: the end of my Miss Diva USofA reign

It’s been 4 days since i’ve returned from Wonderland. A Wonderland full of magical and mythical characters that over a decade ago existed only in my head. It’s surreal, bittersweet, gratifying and honestly . . . peaceful. Peaceful because i silenced all the naysayers – including the ones whose outposts were in my head. Peaceful because i know i’ve laid… Read more →

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